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Rossetti Estate

Rossetti Estate

Indulge in the allure

This captivating mansion is nestled in the heart of Scranton’s Hills Section. A sanctuary of luxury and history, this opulent residence offers a walkable connection to the city’s vibrant downtown scene, with restaurants, shops, and the prestigious University of Scranton within effortless reach. The ebb and flow of the city’s rhythm embrace you, with a serene tranquility during student vacations and a lively energy as scholars flourish in proximity.


Unraveling the enigmatic past, the Rossetti Estate’s origins are shrouded in captivating tales. Delve into the archives, and you’ll uncover the echoes of Rollin P. Crillen, a lumber tycoon, and Mathew Holgate, a titan of real estate and industry. A chronicle where stories intertwine and mysteries linger, where locals amble by, casting curious glances and capturing fleeting snapshots, pondering if this stately abode might be a hidden chapel of the soul.

What history unequivocally reveals is that the house emerged in the twilight of the 1900s, a jewel of Tudor revival architecture. Its steeply pitched roof dances with gables that whisper secrets of a bygone era, its brick façade intertwined with half-timber accents. Majestic chimneys stand sentinel, while windows, like portals to another time, peer out with diamond-shaped intrigue. An embodiment of Tudor splendor, a symbol of the modernizing United States, the house stood poised for transformation.

In 2002, the Rossetti Estate underwent a metamorphosis, an artistic resurrection echoing the Baroque and Rococo epochs. A symphony of ornamentation, a canvas of opulent expression, the house embraced asymmetry, gilded flourishes, and the intricate dance of sculpted molding. Subtle trompe l’oeil frescoes painted whispers of illusion, infusing the space with dynamism and theatrics. A journey through centuries, a tribute to elegance, it culminated in a crescendo of grandeur.

A chapter turned on October 4, 2019, when Kenneth Hussey, a New Yorker driven by destiny, embarked on a journey to honor the legacy of Father Mark Rossetti. With a vision ignited by the arts, Hussey vowed to preserve the estate’s splendor, its soul, and its artistic ardor.

Stepping into the estate, you traverse epochs and sensations. The Baroque and Rococo motifs dazzle, inviting you to a grand hall where living rooms unite, a grand piano serenades, and a fireplace crackles with tales of old. Ascend the staircase to the second floor, where sunlight bathes the spacious bedrooms. The parlor, a haven of reprieve, bestows panoramic views and a haven for contemplation. Artistry finds its muse at a draft table, and the third floor unveils more opulent bedrooms and a cocooning TV room, all intricately woven with echoes of Baroque and Rococo finesse.

Venture beneath to a realm of leisure, a lounge where guests converge, their laughter an echo of the joy above. A gateway to the garden beckons, inviting you to unwind amidst nature’s embrace.

From Europe’s distant shores to New York’s cosmopolitan energy, guests gravitate to the Rossetti Estate, drawn by its allure as a muse of both art and history. It’s more than lodging; it’s an experience, an elegantly curated museum that celebrates life’s essence. Mary Ann Stoppini, a connoisseur of the arts, enthuses, “It is like a museum.” Every event unfolds with elegance and allure, woven into the very fabric of the estate’s narrative.

The outdoor sanctuaries beckon – the veranda, the piazza, the third-floor balcony, and the enchanting garden. And within, a gourmet kitchen awaits, a haven of culinary delights ready to be explored. With a nod to dietary preferences, the esteemed Albert and Lou (The Gourmet Guys) craft breakfasts that cater to every palate, even embracing gluten-free fare for those who choose it.

Welcome, dear guests, to a world where indulgence is an art, where history whispers through ornate corridors, and where every moment resonates with the timeless spirit of the Rossetti Estate. Your presence paints new strokes into its vibrant canvas, an ever-evolving tale of refinement and grandeur.